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  • Process Improvement

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  • Energy Audit


Engineering is the core operation of Blesmi. It provides quality engineering services comprising of professional advice & solutions on engineering matters for in-operation organizations and upcoming ventures. 
We offer complete range of engineering services utilizing latest technology, design codes, tools and software to develop the best yet economical solutions for the most complex requirements. We also give equal priority to the small industrial entities as they cover a large portion of our industrial sector.

Our range of engineering services includes:

Power & Energy:

Blesmi has expertise of more than 6 years in operation and project of power/co-generation plants and utilizing this vast knowledge base we provide complete consultancy for plants up to 7 MW. Our offerings range from fossil fuels to biomass for new as well as in-operation plants.

Rice Processing:

From conception to selection of machinery for new Rice processing units to productivity improvement for in-operation plants, Blesmi can execute every activity with it's expertise.

Project Management:

Blesmi is adept with professionals to manage small and medium level projects from conception to commissioning as well as operation stage meticulously utilizing latest software & project planning technologies which not only reduces the project cost but also completes the project in estimated time.

Process Improvement:

We at Blesmi Can study existing processes following specific methodology and startegies, within an organization to identify and analyze the opportunities. Later this is suggested to the management in a comprehensive report to improve efficiency & productivity. 

Material Handling:

Blesmi by it's expertise can not only suggest the type of material handling equipment to convey and storage raw/finished/in-process materials but also guide in selection of equipments from suppliers.

Operation & Maintenance:

Blesmi can provide skilled teams for commissioning/operation/maintenance for a given plant in the sector of power and energy.

Performance & Energy Audits:

At Blesmi we can inspect, survey and analyse the energy flows for the opportunities of energy conservation in a building, process or system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output(s).